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We're proud to offer instruments for every skill level, price point, and taste. Our vast collection of guitars, ukuleles, banjoes, drums, and keyboards  caters to every musician. Our knowledgeable staff is also here to help you find your dream instrument! 

Guitars and Basses

We carry over a hundred electric, acoustic, and bass guitars favorites from Alvarez, Seagull, Fender. Local boutique brands such as Merida and 812 Guitars also host their specialty guitars in our shop. Moreover, our curated selection of electric guitar rarities is constantly offering something new. As the only licensed Martin & Co. dealer in Connecticut, we invite you to stop in and take a look at our 'back room' that carries a wide selection of high-end guitars. 



Our ukulele selection boasts over sixty soprano, concert, baritone, and tenor ukuleles. Whether a beginner or seasoned musician, the dream uke for every player can be found at NC Music. Brands we carry include Kanilea, Kala, Lanikai, Islander, Undermountain, Martin & Co., Moku, The Magic Fluke Co., Makala, and Ohana.  

Banjoes, Keyboards, Drums, Mandolins, Harmonicas, Repairs, & Accessories
We also offer a variety of other instruments, so every musician can find his or her groove here. Everything from electric violins to Seagull Merlins can be found in shop. Repairs, tune-ups, and other instrument servicing are also offered in our shop. 
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